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The EHRC’s investigation into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party failed to give due consideration and weight to vital evidence it was made aware of.  This evidence flatly contradicted some of its key findings, especially in relation to the role of the former leadership under Jeremy Corbyn. 

As a result, the report rehashed a dominant and demonstrably false narrative that laid the blame for failures in the handling of complaints with the former leadership. In fact, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that Corbyn introduced unprecedented and wide ranging reforms that dramatically improved a legacy complaints system that was not fit for purpose. If anything, his efforts to expedite investigations and escalate sanctions were hampered by factionally-motivated staff who were in control of the process until Jennie Formby took over as General Secretary in 2018.


It is vitally important that the EHRC is held to account for its flawed investigation and erroneous conclusions, both to correct the historical record and learn the right lessons from Labour's painful recent past.  This is essential not just for the future of the Labour Party but for the fight against antisemitism and all forms of racism everywhere.


We are supporting a group of Jewish members of the party – which include Truth Defence directors and co-founders Justin Schlosberg and Andrew Feinstein – who are seeking to mount a formal legal challenge to the EHRC’s ruling.

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Andrew Feinstein on Channel 4 news with Jon Snow

Dr Justin Schlosberg on lbc with iain dale

Dr Justin Schlosberg on Talk Radio